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Silgan Closures

Leaders in efficiency, security & hygiene

Produtos líderes de mercado para todos os refrigeradores de água


Silgan Closures manufacture Plastic bottle caps. Our product range includes from Plastic bottle screw caps, lids and closures to 5 Gallon watercooler caps and Push pull plastic sports caps. We supply closures to both food and beverage industries including some of the world largest and most recognizable soft drinks brands.

Produtos Apresentados

ELC35 Carton Fitment
NEW large bore none-membrane gable top fitment added to Portola range .
38mm Hot Fill Plasti-Twist®
The 38mm Hot Fill Plasti-Twist® Cap is a market proven design, low opening torques and pull up marks ensure good application and ease of use. Full colour printing allows high visibility branding to enhance shelf presence.
1881 Flip Top
2 Piece Flip-Top sports closure for PET containers with neck finish PCO1881